Update : 2020-09-28
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F2, Daewoo Yangjae The O'vill B/D, 256, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


WOOASUNG Korean Medical Clinic

In the "premium brand Grand Prize selected by female consumers" medical (growth and precocious puberty) category, the hospital has been awarded for five consecutive years from 2015 to 2019, and has been certified as an excellent professional in the first "2020 KCA Excellent Professional" doctor category (adult precocious puberty, growth) organized by the KCA Korea Consumer Evaluation, and has been nicknamed the most favored Korean medical clinic by consumers, especially by mom. That much, there is the excellence of customer service, but the sincerity and professionalism that can be trusted and entrusted to mothers have captured their hearts.

For accurate diagnosis of precocious puberty, WOOASUNG Korean Medical Clinic has a system such as conducting blood, urine, ultrasound, and radiation tests and establishing cooperative institutions so that the director can quickly treat them. In addition, the director personally established a unique service called ‘Care-Call Service’, which manages eating habits, living habits and living conditions, and established a customer management counseling system to win the Korea Health Industry Grand Prize for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020.

In addition, WOOASUNG Korean Medical Clinic, which won the National Tax Service's model taxpayer award in 2018, is recognized as the most exemplary medical institution in society.

Located along the Gangnam-daero of Yangjae Station, we have considered transportation convenience as the top priority, and we are fully committed to customer satisfaction by completing a large parking lot.

Let me introduce you to the representative features of WOOASUNG Korean Medical Clinic

1) Intensive treatment institution for precocious puberty in girls
2) Establishment of a ‘Happy precocious puberty research institute’
3) Direct medical treatment by Dr. Jeong Eun-ah of Korean Medicine Gynecology specialist and mom of two daughters.
4) Pleasant cultural facilities of about 400m2(120 pyeong)
5) Use only 100% high-quality Omni-Hub medicines.
6) Operation of the Safe Counseling ‘Care-Call Center’
7) The atmosphere of a mother-friendly hospital where mothers who are being treated directly as customer models

Medical services of this hospital

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Tonic clinic

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